Once there was a boy who worked hard for his dreams, spent days over it, took all the right measures, reviewed his hard work every day and when the day of the result came, his hard work was not rewarded. So, he felt bad and tried again….
A regular story of failure, used to motivate an individual waiting for his efforts to be rewarded. Now here’s why this is not enough. When a person fails, it is like falling from a high mountain straight to the ground as you made all the efforts to reach the cliff but did not make any effort to think about what if you fall. What to do if you are unable to climb the mountain? How to safely come down?
We assume they are directly proportional to each other, there is always a probability but never a definite answer. So, after acknowledging what is not in our control.
·        Self-empathy is crucial to cope with not reaching the top and returning safely to your starting point. Instead of being disheartened, acknowledge your growth on this journey.
·        The mental and physical strain you took from climbing the mountain needs to be noted so, rest is essential. Rest is often stigmatized, yet it’s crucial for maintaining a healthy balance, as neglecting it can lead to increased stress and confusion.
·        Once you are ready, it is important to have a sense of detachment from your goal. As you put in mental and physical efforts towards climbing you also burden yourself with the need to succeed which is what weighs you down making the fall even harder. It’s important to travel light.
Now that you are ready to climb the mountain again, you already know what to do.

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