The significance of answers to Life’s Purpose and Worth has often burdened Individuals bringing them at a juncture of self-doubts and helplessness. In order to introspect on this burden there are a few aspects that are to be noted as possible stressors that might have initiated the burden.
1. Comparisons: It is only natural to seek reference points by which to assess our standing in the competitive race of life. However, this tendency often leads to a questioning of one’s own capabilities.
2. The Pursuit of Perfection: Aspiration and ambition drive us toward our goals, yet the unrelenting pursuit of flawlessness leaves no room for the valuable lessons that imperfection affords.
3. Denial: When confronted with life’s inevitable obstacles, we often resort to denial as a coping mechanism. While this reaction may offer temporary respite, its prolonged persistence can impede progress.
4. Validation: The human need for validation is undeniable, but discerning whose validation to seek becomes a pivotal question in our journey toward self-realization.
These are a few that happened to cross my mind at the moment but there can be more evils to deal with when it comes to the thoughts in the mind of someone who is Suicidal
This Suicide Prevention Day let’s raise awareness of the burden of purpose and worth along with the stigma that Suicide in itself adds to the load.
Today is to unburden ourselves and embrace the path to personal freedom. 

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